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The definitive account of the Swiss-American Family from its American Founder in 1744 to recent date (A Family that accounts for 99% of all Leedys in America)

Covering its Pennsylvania, Southwest Virginia, Shenandoah Valley, and Ohio lines who provided pioneers, respectively in PA, VA, OH, IN, MI, IL, MO, SD, MT, OK, KS, KY, TN, TX, OR, CA, WA, etc., having now reached into all 50 states.

Culmination of 106 years of data recording and preservation compiled by 1984 while the family's official, elected Historian, Gordon M. Connelly

Brief biographies and entries of 14,000 traced male and female descendants in up to 11 generations plus 6,000 husbands and wives

Fully indexed for easy tracing of your complete Leedy line right from the book. Every descendant with his or her own identification number, assigned in predictable sequence from the Immigrant, (1) John Leedy, to the latest listed child. Special graphic charts of all descendants in the first four generations

Chapters on early relatives in Switzerland, religious background in Europe and America, Leedy Reunions, Leedy Chronicle (published 1897-1927), Governor John W. Leedy, extra details of first generations in America.

Rare first-hand accounts of pioneer life.

Hard buckram cover with gold lettering, 8.5 by 11 format, acid-free paper to survive for generations.
750 pages . . . 223 illustrations
(photos, maps, documents, signatures

Printed by America's foremost genealogical printer, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD

* 1986 Award Winner *
from Heart of America Genealogical Society & Library, Inc.