Leedy's In History



The number in parenthesis refers to the designation in The Leedy Family History by Gordon M. Connelly (1985).   


I. War Veterans


Revolutionary War  (1775 to 1783)



Abraham Leedy (7) Captain Kershner’s Co. Washington County, PA (translator to Hessian prisoners)(Adaline Garber (6884) and Lenna Fulmer (2710 A) DAR members based on Abraham’s participation in War)


Jacob Leedy (2) Captain Comfort’s Co. York County, PA


Jacob Leedy (12) Captain Comfort’s Co. York County, PA


Jeremiah Leedy


John Leedy (10) Captain Comfort’s Co. York County, PA


Samuel Leedy (6) Captain Ehrman’s Co. York County, PA (Ida Calvert (2247) DAR member based on Samuel’s participation in War)





War of 1812  (1812 to 1815)



Abraham Leedy (14) Corporal, Captain Dietrich’s 2nd Regiment, Infantry, PA Militia, 1st Brigade


David Leedy (30) Captain Newman’s Co. IN Militia, 5th Regiment


Jacob Leedy (12) Captain Lott’s 6th Co. 24th Regiment PA


Joseph Leedy (33) Captain Brown’s 35th Infantry Regiment VA Militia (his brother Abraham (27) may have been in same unit




Texas War of Independence (1835 to 1836)



Madison Jamison Leedy (138)




Mexican War (1846 to 1848)



Daniel H. Leedy (263) Private, Co. C, Ohio Vol. Infantry. Also, probably the Daniel Leedy who is identified as Daniel Leedy (52) on page 1857 of The Leedy Chronicle as joining the Mexican War.   




Civil War (1861 to 1865)



United States of America





Samuel R. Leedy ( ) Private Company D, 1st Infantry   CA





William Brown (937) (died 1862, Memphis, TN)


Marshall Lannes Connelly (1227) Private Company K, 43rd Regiment Illinois Voluntary Infantry and Company D, 135th Regiment Illinois Voluntary Infantry (fought in Battle of Malvern Hill, VA, last of Seven Days Battles)(brother of Sherman, PA and Henry, OH)


David Leedy (  ) Private Company F, 26th Illinois Infantry (killed on Aug. 14, 1864)


John Pemberton Leedy (457) Private Company C, 71st Regiment, Illinois Voluntary Infantry


William H. Leedy (452) Private Company G, 76th Regiment, Illinois Voluntary Infantry


Abraham Long (904) Private Company K, 36th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry (brother of Daniel, Isaac and Joseph Long of Indiana) (Wounded at Battle of Chickamauga, GA)(Died at Battle of Jonesboro, TN, 1864)


William Benton Stevens (463) Private Company G, 76th Regiment, Illinois Voluntary Infantry





Jacob Anglemyre (659) Private Company F, 47th Indiana Voluntary Infantry (died in military hospital in 1862)(brother of John)


John Anglemyre (660) Private Company F, 47th Indiana Voluntary (brother of Jacob)


Isaiah Brallier (1361) Company E, 189th Regiment Indiana Voluntary Infantry


Sherman L. Connelly (1225) Corporal Company H, 63rd Regiment Indiana Voluntary Infantry (also fought for Ohio and Illinois)(brother of Marshall, IL and Henry, OH)


Columbus Marion Crawford (774) Private Company B, 44th Infantry Regiment


Augustus E. Leedy ( ) Private 19th Light Artillery, (killed in TN on July 4, 1864)(buried in Nashville National Cemetery)


Clarence B. Leedy ( ) 16th Infantry


Ephraim Leedy (1150) Private Company E, 138th Regiment Indiana Voluntary Infantry


David A. Leedy (456) Company F, 26th Indiana Infantry and Company K, 26th Indiana Infantry (died from wounds inflicted near Atlanta, GA, 1864)


Henry C. Leedy (1156) Private Company D, 12th and 13th Regiment, Indiana Voluntary Calvary


Israel Leedy (1088) Private Company I, 128th Indiana Voluntary Infantry (received court martial for sleeping on duty and sentenced to six months hard labor under ball and chain)


Jacob Leedy (1154) Private Company D, 100th Indiana Voluntary Infantry (died on battlefield on Nov. 25, 1863)


John Keith Leedy (185) Major Company F, 74th Regiment Indiana Voluntary Infantry, Surgeon-in-charge 14th Army Corps (with Sherman’s March to the Sea)(injured at Battle of Jonesboro, TN)


John Kiser Leedy (164) Private Company B, 153rd Indiana Voluntary Infantry, Hospital Corps because of religious views (from Virginia, but threatened with hanging for Union sympathy)


Joseph F. Leedy (  ) Private, 17th and 153rd Indiana Infantry


Manasseh Leedy (1089) Private Company H, 11th Indiana Voluntary Infantry (wounded at Winchester, VA)


Sylvester Leedy (856) Private Company M, 8th Indiana Voluntary Cavalry


Daniel Elmer Long (903) Private Company I, 88th Regiment Indiana Voluntary Infantry (brother of Joseph S., Isaac and Abraham of IL)(with Sherman’s March to the Sea)(shot in leg at Battle of Bentonville, NC)


Isaac Long (898) (brother of Daniel Long, Joseph Long and Abraham Long of IL)


Joseph S. Long (895) 88th Regiment Indiana Voluntary Infantry (brother of Daniel, Isaac and Abraham)(with Sherman’s March to the Sea)(lost leg at Battle of Bentonville, NC)(After the war he moved west and the family thought he died in the war until he returned for a Regimental Reunion 20 years later)   Also reported that he was drafted into service with the 33rd Ohio Voluntary Infantry.  Leedy Chronicle, Vol. 24, No. 2 (Winter 1921, p. 1689)


George Washington McCown (448) Private Company C, 66th Indiana Voluntary Infantry






Samuel H. Myers (784) Corporal Company C, 24th Regiment Iowa Voluntary Infantry (served under Gen. U.S. Grant at Vicksburg and fought at Battle of Pleasant Hill, LA) 






Abraham (Abriham) Leedy (1631) Private Company C, 39th Kentucky Infantry (Musician) (POW)


Robert Bruce Leedy (414)








Franklin Leedy (  ) Company H, Purnell Legion, Maryland Infantry (Drummer) and Private Company E, 1st Maryland Infantry


Jacob Leedy (78) Company F, Drum major, Purnell Legion of Union Forces, PA (father of William Gillespie, Walter Franklin,  and Joseph Stahl)(played in parades for Presidents W.H. Harrison and Benjamin Harrison and funeral procession of President James Garfield) (May be the Jacob Leedy referred to by Jacob Van Buren Leedy (296)


Joseph Stahl Leedy (358) Company C, Purnell Legion, Drummer


Samuel Leedy (79) Private Company E, 5th Maryland Infantry (died in 1891 in home for disabled soldiers)


Walter Franklin Leedy (357) Company H, Purnell Legion Drummer (captured at Manassas)


William Gillespie Leedy (356) Company G, Purnell Legion, Drummer





James Taylor Leedy (542) Private Company F, 14th Missouri Calvary  





Barney Leedy (  ) Private Company I, 7th N.Y. Heavy Artillery


John J. Leedy (  ) Captain Company B, 162nd N.Y. Infantry


Timothy Leedy ( )


William Leedy (  ) Private Company B, 4th N.Y. Heavy Artillery (had two wives filing for pension benefits) 






Abraham Brown (1065)


Isaac N. Brown (933) Private Company C, 20th Regiment, Ohio Voluntary Infantry (fought at Shiloh and Vicksburg)


Jacob Brown (935) (prisoner at Andersonville and survived)


Henry Clay Connelly (1226) Private Company E, 102nd Regiment Ohio Voluntary (brother of Sherman, IN and Marshall, IL)


Daniel Grow (280)


Aaron Brown Leedy (272) Sgt. Company E, 102nd Regiment Ohio Voluntary Infantry


Alonzo Myers Leedy (754) Corporal Company C, 13th Ohio Voluntary Cavalry (wounded by saber)


Caleb Leedy (255) Corporal Company G, 20th Ohio Voluntary Infantry (Died at Battle of Shiloh, TN 1862) (Headstone was shown in Episode 2 of the Ken Burn’s Film, “The Civil War”, which inspired Bob Cheevers to write the song, “The Ballad of Caleb Leedy” that appears on his album, “Gettysburg to Graceland“. (Cousin of Martin Leedy)


David D. Leedy (1451) Private Company D, 95th Regiment, Ohio Infantry (brother of John and George of OH and Amos and Jacob of PA)


Ernest R. Leedy ( ) 5th Infantry


George D. Leedy (1452) Private Company F, 1st Regiment Ohio Calvary (brother of David, John of OH and Amos and Jacob of PA)


Henry Myers Leedy (749) Commissary Sgt. Company G, 15th Ohio Voluntary Infantry


Isaac A. Leedy (228) Private, Company A, 21st Ohio Infantry


Isaac B. Leedy (265) Private Company A, 21st Ohio Infantry (his son, Ulysses Grant Leedy, started the Leedy Drum Company)


Jacob Brown Leedy (268) Corporal Company D, 132nd and 163rd Ohio Voluntary Infantry (killed Aug. 28, 1864)(buried in National Cemetery, Hampton, VA)


Jacob Myers Leedy (746) Captain Company D, 163rd Ohio Voluntary Infantry


John D. Leedy (1451 A) Private Wagoner Company F, 1st Ohio Calvary (brother of David, George of OH and Amos and Jacob of PA)


John Whitnah Leedy (807) Private, 163rd Ohio Infantry (at 14 years old)(brother of Robert)(future Governor of Kansas)


Levi B. Leedy (274) Private Company D, 13th Regiment Ohio Voluntary Cavalry (wounded at Dinwiddie Court House, VA)


Martin B. Leedy (270) Private Company I, G, 15th Ohio Voluntary Infantry (Died at Battle of Shiloh, TN, 1862)(cousin of Caleb Leedy)


Robert Burns Leedy (805) Private Company D, 163rd Regiment, Ohio Voluntary Infantry (brother of John W.)


Samuel Leedy (  ) Private, Battery L, 1st Regiment, Ohio Light Artillery


Simon Leedy (  ) Corporal Company K, 9th Ohio Cavalry


Anthony W. Sullivan (1016)(killed in Civil War 1864)(brother of George)


George Sullivan (1019)(died of disease in Civil War)(brother of Anthony)


Daniel Swank (1273) Corporal Company E, 102nd Regiment, Ohio Voluntary Infantry (died in hospital during Civil War)(brother of Elias)


Elias Swank (1274) Private Company E, 102nd Regiment, Ohio Voluntary Infantry (in Sherman’s March to the Sea)





Amos D. Leedy (1149) Private 113th Ohio Voluntary Infantry and Corporal Company I, 158th PA Infantry (died at Battle of Kenshaw Mountain, GA) (brother of Jacob of PA, David, John, George of OH)


Daniel Leedy (  ) Company D, 8th PA Reserve Infantry 37th Volunteers (Musician)


Daniel Leedy (  ) Private, Company D, 78th, 192nd and 194th PA Infantry


Enos Leedy (  ) Private Company C, 21st PA Cavalry (182nd Volunteers)


Henry Leedy ( ) Private Company H, 47th Infantry


Jacob Leedy (1450) Corporal Company I, 158th PA Infantry (brother of Amos of PA, David, John, and George of OH)(discharged with William 291)


Jacob J. Leedy (  ) Private Company C, 91st PA Infantry  (May be the Jacob Leedy referred to by Jacob Van Buren Leedy (296)


Jacob Gideon Leedy (317) Private Company C, 91st Regiment, Infantry (wounded at Battle of Hatcher’s Run, VA)


James Leedy (283) Private Company A, 9th Regiment, PA Cavalry  


Josiah Leedy ( ) Private, Jeffries Infantry


Lewis B. Leedy ( ) 4th and 28th Vol. Infantry


Samuel C. Leedy (  ) Private Company D, 126th PA Infantry


Samuel J. Leedy (  ) Private Company K, 118th PA Infantry


William Patterson Leedy (285) Private Company C, 136th Regiment, PA Vols.


William Leedy (326) Private Company B, 118th and Company H 126th Regiment, PA Voluntary Infantry (imprisoned as deserter at Ft. McHenry)


William Cooper Leedy (291) Sgt. Company B, 158th Regiment, PA Infantry







John Walter Leedy (424) claimed service with Ballard’s Regiment, WV Scouts, but pension denied


Tolbert R. Leedy ( ) Infantry, Hospital Corps.





States Unknown



John Schultz (  )  (Died at Battle of Jonesboro, TN)


Edward Leedy ( ) Private, Gun Boat “Judge Torrence”


James B. Leedy (415) Wagoner, claimed service, but pension denied.


P.C. Leedy (  ) U.S. Volunteer Infantry


William Leedy (  ) 2nd Lieutenant Company F, 23rd U.S. Col’d Infantry (part of African American Civil War Memorial)










Confederate States of America





William Bibb Leedy (539) Sgt. Company I, 4th Alabama Calvary (jailed as spy) (POW, captured at Huntsville, AL) (started Post Office in Leedy, MS)





Daniel Holsinger Leedy (263) 2nd Lt. Company C, 4th Regiment (MO Infantry State Guard)





James “Doss” Leedy (109) 13th Calvary 


John Leedy (  ) Private Company E, 10th Tennessee Infantry (POW captured at Jackson, MS on July 17, 1863)


Joseph Leedy ( ) from Hancock County





Ephriam Kegley (384) Private Company H, 63rd Regiment, Virginia Infantry


Abraham Leedy (  ) Private 35th Regiment, Virginia Militia, Infantry (Captain Christopher Brown’s Company)


Albert Leedy (1646 A)  


Alfred (Alfert) Leedy (477) Private Company F, 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry (POW at Camp Douglas, IL)


Briton Leedy (  ) Private Company F, 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry


Harvey Leedy (397) Private Master Wagoner, Company K, 22nd Virginia Calvary, (Peters’ Regiment) (POW at Camp Chase, OH)


Isaiah Leedy (  ) Private (Captain Earhart’s Company, Black Lick Home Guards)


John Leedy (173) Sgt. Company F, 146th Virginia Militia, 10th VA Infantry and Company C 7th Calvary (went AWOL for pacifism or Union sympathy)


John Leedy (1633) Private Company D, 23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry


John Leedy ( ) Private, Company C 10th Infantry


John Asa Leedy (496) Private (Captain Barr’s Company) Light Artillery, (POW at Newport News, VA)


Joseph Leedy (479) Private Company F, 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry (POW at Camp Douglas, IL)


Martin Leedy (490) Private Wagoner Company D, 45th Virginia Infantry (died “with fever” while in Army)


Pearson C. Leedy (407) Private, Company F, 45th Virginia Infantry (POW at Point Lookout, MD)(captured at Winchester, VA Sept. 19, 1864) 


Rufus Leedy (474) Private Company G, 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry and Private Company D, 21st Battalion Virginia Infantry (captured at Battle of Cumberland Gap) (POW at Camp Douglas, IL)


Rush F. Leedy (  ) Private Company C, 4th Virginia Infantry (deserted on Dec. 10, 1862)


Samuel Leedy (169) Private Company D, 97th Virginia Militia (Spitler’s) 


Samuel Leedy (483)


Thomas Rush Leedy (434) Private Company F, 45th Virginia Infantry and Private Company C, 4th Virginia Infantry (taken prisoner at Charleston)



Indian Wars (1871-1875)



Albert Leedy (1646 A) Private, Company K, 11th U.S. Infantry




Spanish-American War (1898)


Harold Garber (2538)


James “Frank L.” Garber (1133) 


Clarence B. Leedy (3375) Private Company A, 16th Infantry (wounded in Battle of San Juan Hill)


Daniel Webster Leedy (1282) may be the son of John H. Leedy who was reported to have been killed in War on page 1032 of The Leedy Chronicle


Ernest Leedy (1569) Corporal, 5th Ohio Voluntary Infantry


Lewis Leedy (3995) Private, 4th PA Infantry


Tolbert R. Leedy (1692) Private, Company B, 1st WV Voluntary Infantry, Hospital Corps.


I.J. Whitney (3856) Battery G, 3rd Artillery, killed in Battle of Marilao Bridge





World War I  (1914 to 1919)



Forrest Burrill (5242) Sergeant, 


James Cassel (4398) Corporal, 13th Regiment USMC, sniper


Wilbur Duncan (8617) Lt. Col.


Frank Ellis (6762) Private, Company D, 334th M.G. Battalion, 87th Division


John Garber (2517)


Max Garber (2541)


Paul Garber (6887) 1st Lieutenant, fought at Meuse-Argonne


Gayton Leedy Knight (2679) 2nd Lieutenant 


Archie Leedy (3436) 1st Machinist Mate, killed when destroyer “U.S.S. Jacob Jones” torpedoed


Azor Leedy (3936) 319th Field Artillery, in Battle of Argonne Forest


Boyd Leedy (2665)


Caleb A. Leedy (3877) at peace conference in Versailles (later a MO Supreme Court Judge)


Carl Leedy (2487) USAAC


Elmer Leedy (3434) Corporal  


Grover Leedy (2415)


Harold Gavin Leedy (3876) officer in France, included in a photo in the October 18, 1918 edition of the Washington Post titled, “Pershing Officers return with tales of heroism of Americans”


Herbert Leedy (5439) in Battle of Durazzao, Albania


Jake Leedy ( ) Corporal, sniper in Marine Corps. Wounded in Battle of Belleau Wood (joined at 17 by lying about his age)


John Leedy (2385) Private, 116th Infantry, wounded in Argonne Forest


Merle Leedy (5063 A) Navy


William Leedy (2389 D) 116th Machine Gun Company, 29th Division


William Matthew Leedy (1837) Corporal, Company C, 353 Infantry


John McAdams (1798) Corporal Company C, 112th Field Signal Battalion, 37th Division, fought at Meuse-Argonne


Jay McCowin (4379) Private, Earned Purple Heart


Adam Shurick (2677) Captain, Company D, 209th Engineers


Orin Swank (3833) Chaplain




 World War II  (1939 to 1945)



Meryl Agee (2183) Captain


Robert Amlung (9148) Air Corps, killed in action as Navigator on B-24


William Ashbrook (6879) Navy Officer


James Beal (8708) Air Corps (brother of Russell)


Russell Beal (8705) Air Corps (brother of James)


Harold Bechtel (6365)


John Boice (4761) (brother of Hunter)


Hunter Boice (4762) Air Corps in France and Far East (brother of John)


Paul Campbell (9303)


Richard Denhart (7677) Navy


Robert Denhart (7674) Navy, saw action at Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands (brother of Richard)


George Durbin (8434)


Leland Edwards (6566)


Clerk Garber (10247) Pilot of B-17 bomber, killed when plane went down over France


Dean Garber (5302) Paratrooper at Normandy (brother of Maurice)


Maurice Garber (5303) Marine Corps, in Pacific (brother of Dean)


Richard Garber (5312) (brother of Robert)


Robert Garber (5313) killed in Philippines (brother of Richard)


Samuel Garber (8441) Navy


Doris Hainen (6304) Woman’s Auxiliary Corps. W.A.C.


Carl Hainen (6303) Signal Corps (brother of Doris)


John Jarrett (7552) 2nd Lieutenant, battlefield commission, in Europe (brother of Robert)


Robert Jarrett (7551) Private 1st Class, saw action in Rhineland region of Germany (brother of John)


Richard Johnson (5298) Pilot, shot down and held in German POW camp (brother of Robert)


Robert Johnson (5299) Pilot, lost at sea (brother of Richard)


Walter Ketron (4298) Air Corps, Major


Albert Leedy (6574)


Arthur Leedy (5594) Air Corps, Lieutenant, Navigator on B-17, POW in Germany (brother of George)


Asa Leedy (4991 A)


Billy K. Leedy ( ) Army


Carl Leedy (4417) Battery E, 390th AAA Battalion, 26th Infantry, 3rd Army in Europe


Charles Leedy (7026)


Cletis Leedy (9332) Air Corps


Dale Leedy (6572) Air Corps


Daniel Leedy (8406) Navy, captain of amphibious assault ship in Pacific (became Judge in California)


Daniel L. Leedy (3406) Captain, Air Corps in Europe


David Alonzo Leedy (5244) Navy, killed on Battleship Arizona at Pearl Harbor


Donley Leedy (6582)


Douglas Leedy (5201) Coast Guard


Edwin Leedy (3908) 1st Lieutenant, in Pacific 


Eldon Leedy (6581)


Eleanor Leedy (6446) Navy, Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service W.A.V.E.S.


Farris Leedy (7283) shot in both legs by German gunfire


Forrest Gaylord Leedy (5451 E) Navy (brother of Jack)


Frederick Aaron Leedy (3943) 1st Lieutenant Air Corps


G.F. Leedy ( ) Lieutenant, Navy, took part in Iwo Jima landing from ship “Auburn”


Galen Files Leedy (6474) Army


George Leedy (5593) Air Corps, Staff Sergeant (brother of Arthur)


George A. Leedy (4160) Marine Corps, Sergeant, in action at Guadalcanal, Guam and Okinawa (brother of Sally)


George R. Leedy (1585) Private


Harold Leedy (6904) Navy, radar instructor


Harold Benjamin Leedy (4007E) Army Medic, 168th Infantry, 3rd Battalion, awarded Purple Heart, Silver Star and Bronze Star


Harold L. Leedy (4192) served in New Guinea


Harry K. Leedy () Marine Corps, Corporal, awarded Navy Marine Corps Medal


Herbert Leedy (9183) Navy, participated in invasion of Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands


Homer Leedy (4510) 


Ira Leedy (6724) Air Corps


Jack Leedy (5451 D) Navy (brother of Forrest)


John Leedy (7042) served in N. Africa, Italy and Germany (brother of Robert Leedy)


John Harry Leedy, Jr. (4331) Navy


Joseph Leedy (6239) Private


Lehman Leedy (4353) Navy


Lewis Leedy (7030) killed in plane crash by German gunfire on June 8, 1944 (3rd day of

European invasion)


Leonard Eugene (Gene) Leedy (6389) Cryptographic Technician


Loomis Chapman Leedy (5520 C) Army


Melvin Leedy (6344) Air Corps


Merle Leedy (6575)


Owen Finton Leedy (4424) Army, 104th Infantry, fought in France, Netherlands and Germany


Paris Wesley Leedy (4332) Army


Ralph G. Leedy (6563) Navy, graduated from Naval Academy, Commander of Battleship U.S.S. New Mexico (also served in Korea and Vietnam)


Robert Leedy (7043) Navy (brother of John Leedy)


Robert J. Leedy (5519) Navy


Robert W. Leedy (9814) Navy


Rollin Leedy (5000 F)


Russell Leedy (3547) Navy


Sally Leedy (4162) nurse at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 (sister of George A.)


Samuel Leedy (9200) Navy


Stan Leedy ( ) Navy corpsman on U.S.S. Winged Arrow, treated injured at Luzon, Iwo Jima and Okinawa


Russell Leedy (6579) Navy


Taylor Leedy (6668) Bomber pilot


Thomas Leedy (5003) Air Corps


William C. Leedy ( ) Navy


William Edward Leedy ( ) Navy, Fireman on U.S.S. Pope that was sunk in March 1942. Spent the night in the water until found by Japanese, then spent the rest of the war in prisoner of war camp. 


Donald Long (6079) Corporal, died in service


Harvey Long (6203 B) Marine Corps, died at Tarawa


Ralph Long (8425)


James McComb (9818) killed in combat


Jay McCown (4379)


John McCown (7510) Staff Sergeant, 206th Anti-aircraft Artillery, at Iwo Jima


Lewis McCown (4390) Captain, part of invasion of Philippines and Okinawa


Walter McCown (7501) Navy, Lieutenant, participated in Normandy invasion


Huber McCuen (5808) Navy, Executive Officer on ship involved in D-day invasion


John McVey (2389 F) Air Force, Staff Sgt. Turret gunner on B-17 over Germany, reported missing in action


Tom Miller (12144 B) killed in action


Charles Myers (2389 C) Merchant Marine


William Patterson (5253) Marine Corps pilot


William Rigg (6813 L) Navy, 1st Class Intelligence Division


Virgil Robertson (9909) Air Corps, was stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941


Harold Spatz (8532) Air Corps, turret gunner with Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo, executed by firing squad near Shanghai, China. Received Distinguished Flying Cross and Purple Heart 


David Stayton (4432) 602nd Tank Destroyer Battalion, under Gen. Patton in France, Belgium and Germany (brother of Theodore)


Theodore Stayton (4434) Navy C.B. (Construction Battalion), Water Tender 1st Class, saw action in Solomon Islands, Green Island and Philippines (brother of David)


Dory Swank (6819) Navy (brother of Everett)


Everett Swank (6818) in Africa (brother of Dory)


Orin Swank (3833) Chaplain


Justin Thompson (10043) tank corps in N. Africa, captured by German forces under Gen. Rommel, POW in Sicily, Germany and Austria


Chester Thompson (7559) Private, in France


John Whitnah White (5501) killed in action in Italy


Edwin Willson (4407) Chaplain, involved in invasion of Philippines and Marshall Islands


Robert Zeller (6813 DD) 8th Air Force, died when B24 bomber crashed 


Joseph Zimmerman (4487) Captain, POW captured at Corregidor, worked in steel mill in Japan for three years





Korean War (1950 to 1953)



Hunter Leedy Boice (4762) Air Force officer, received 2 Presidential Citations


Aaron Garber  (8445)


Dale Garber (4902) Private, Army, killed in action


George Jarrett (7556) Navy


Robert Hendrickson (8778) awarded Purple Heart and Bronze Star


Dale Louis Leedy (9944) flew 50 missions and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross


David Leedy (6734) Private, Army, killed in action


Delman Eugene Leedy (7781) Private, Army, 24th Division Signal Corps., killed in action


Donald Jay Leedy (6591) Navy Corpsman, 1st Marine Division


Eugene B. Leedy ( ) 501st, H, G Co.


Gene Leedy ( ) Army


James Allen Leedy (7417) Photo Journalist, Army


James Bryan Leedy (6586) Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class on USS Chewaucan


John Leedy (4816)


Ralph G. Leedy (6563) Navy (also served in WW II and Vietnam)


Roy Leedy (6241)


Rupert Dean Leedy (7931) Captain, Marine Corps


Charles Ligo (5084) commendation ribbon for Meritorious Service and Korean Service Ribbon with 1 battle star


Burrill Rader   (8411) Marines


John Stewart (6356) Captain in Medical Corps.


Howard Young (8446 B) Master Sgt. Artillery









Vietnam War (1955 to 1975)



Anthony W. Leedy (7147) Sgt. Marine Corps


Charles V. Leedy (  ) Private, 4th Cavalry


Donald D. Leedy (  ) Army


Eugene Bowman Leedy (6919) Maj. General, Army, 7th Infantry, awarded Bronze Star and Distinguished Service Medal. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery, sec. 30, grave 576 LH


Frederick Leedy (  ) Army


Keith Allen Leedy ( )


Kenneth E. Leedy (  ) Navy


Laron Leedy (5451 G) Navy


Ralph G. Leedy (6563) Captain, Navy (also served in WW II and Korea)


Tony Leedy (  )


Donald            Monaco (5200 R)


Michael Monaco (5200 P)




II. Other Military Veterans




Bruce Andren (7600) Navy, Petty Officer, 3rd Class, U.S.S Nereus


John M. Ashbrook (6882) Navy, on Byrd Expedition to Antarctic (Congressman from Ohio)


Joe Brooke (7684) Air Force, Sergeant


Larry Coats (10932) Air Force, Captain


Oliff Connelly (3740) Army, 14th Infantry (convicted of murdering fellow soldier)


Dwight Garber (6888) Navy, Chief Pharmacist’s Mate


John Gebhart (7538) Corporal, Signal Corps.


Gerald Gena (8782) Air Force, Lt. Colonel


David Gordon (5517) Navy, Lieutenant


Gretchen Hendrickson (8776) Army


Galen Inks (5451 C) Marine Corps.


Morna Inks (8503 A) Navy


Dale Jarrett (10751) Navy, Jet mechanic


Robert Johnson (7864) Air Force


Abraham Leedy (4310)


Abraham Leedy (101) Private, Infantry Regiment in Virginia Militia (1815) (nephew of Joseph)


Austin Leedy ( ) Marine Corps, 2d Lieutenant


Charles Leedy (4833) Air Force, 1st Lieutenant


Christopher Leedy ( ) Petty Officer, Second Class


Clarence F. Leedy (9427) Army


Clark O. Leedy ( ) Corporal, Marine Corps


Clyde Leedy (4308)


Daniel Leedy (  ) Air Force 2005


David Leedy (7232) Air Force


David B. Leedy (9727) Lt. Colonel


Del Leedy (8505) Navy on U.S.S. Bennington


Donald Leedy (5575) Army


Edgar Leedy (  ) Army


Eugene B. Leedy, Jr. ( ) Air Force


George Leedy (9535) Captain


Harry Richard Leedy ( ) Army


Harold Leedy (7887) Corporal


Harold “Pete” Leedy ( ) Army


Howard Leedy (9984) Army, cryptographer


Jack Leedy (8504)


Jackie R. Leedy ( ) Army, 1951-54


James Leedy (9203) Air Force (brother of Thomas)


James Bachman Leedy (7046) Marine Corps


Jane Leedy (4146) WAVE, (sister of William and John)


Jerald F. Leedy ( ) Navy, Lt. Commander


Jesse Leedy (5203) Navy


Jesse Leedy (1758) 1st Sergeant


“Big” John Leedy (44) Pennsylvania State Militia


John Leedy (7148) Navy


John R. Leedy (4157) Lt. Colonel


Joseph Leedy (33) Private, Infantry Regiment of Virginia Militia (1815) (Uncle of Abraham)


Larry Leedy (6584)


Matthew Leedy (  ) Army, stationed in Germany in 2010


Melvin Leedy (3980) Navy


Myron Leedy (6906) Navy, attended U.S. Naval Academy


Myron Leedy (3878) Colonel, attended West Point


Raulene Leedy ( ) Air Force 1988-2008


Robert F. Leedy (717) Brig. General of Virginia National Guard, in 1916 was called to the border with Mexico for the Pancho Villa Expedition (also State Senator)


Stephen M. Leedy ( ) Air Force


Theodore Leedy (4324) Air Force


Thomas Leedy (9204) Navy (brother of James)


Thomas P. Leedy (4361)


Walter Leedy (4269) Navy


William Leedy (12579) Marine Corps.


William C. Leedy (6562) Navy pilot, attended U.S. Naval Academy


William E. Leedy (4153) Air Force, Lt. Commander (brother of Jane and John)


William H. Leedy ( ) Army


Howard Logan (8534) Navy


Bruce Lowe (8503 K) Air Force, Sergeant 


Jack Manherz (7091) Navy, Captain, Air Squadron, attended U.S. Naval Academy


Bruce McCown (4377) Coast Guard


Daniel Monaco (5200 O) Navy on U.S.S. Peterson and U.S.S. Independence


Cleveland Ochs (7657) Helicopter mechanic


Carl Perry (6632) Air Force


Warren Rig (10085) Navy


Victor Robertson (12246) Navy


Mark Shumaker (6707) Marine Corps.


Robert Wixon (9367) Air Force, 1st Lieutenant



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