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The number in parenthesis refers to the designation in The Leedy Family History by Gordon M. Connelly (1985).   



Notable Leedy

(Persons, Places and Things)




Julia Buchheit (10047 H) actress in TV Soap Opera, “All My Children”


Sarah Brown (829) remembers Pres. Lincoln’s funeral train passing by her home


Gordon Connelly (6775) Author of “Leedy Family History”


Aaron Leedy Garber (1131) publisher of “The Leedy Chronicle”


Aaron Leedy (230) Led the Grange Band


Carl Leedy (2487) Weekly radio program as “The Old Timer”


Charles Armor Leedy (1567) Actor, magician


Charles Denoe Leedy ( ) classical pianist


Craig Leedy ( ) 3rd Place in World Rock Drilling Championships, 2007


Dale K. Leedy (6572) the most successful Leedy baseball player


Daniel Loney Leedy (3406) Wildlife Conservationist and Scientist


Douglas Leedy (9719) Composer, performer and music scholar


Dwight Leedy (7941) Eagle Scout


Earl Leedy, character played by Michael Jeter in the 1994 action movie, “Drop Zone”


Edwin C. Leedy (3562) Great Northern Railroad


Glenn Leedy ( ) African-American actor who played Toby in the 1946 movie “Song of the South”, also known as Glenn Leedy Allen, Sr.


Gene Leedy (  ) architect, founder of “Sarasota School” of Architecture, Florida


Gertrude Leedy (808) worked for woman’s suffrage


Harold Gavin Leedy (3876) President of Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 1941, biography included in 1952 book by Richard Fowler titled, “Leaders in our Town”


Harold Leedy (10270) President of Leedy Manufacturing, Inc.


Isaac Leedy (228) “The most able Leedy minister”


Jack J. Leedy ( ) Father of Poetry Therapy


Jacob Harvy Leedy (1566) Artist


Jeff Leedy ( ) Artist in Sausalito, California


James Allen Leedy ( 7417) abstract expressionist artist


John Leedy (1584) Magician and Hypnotist, his act included his three daughters, Evelyn (4195), Carolyn (4196) and Barbara (4197)


Kathy Leedy ( ) Missouri Lottery winner


Laura Leedy Gansler ( ) author


Lucille Leedy (4411 A) Poet


Loomis Chapman Leedy (5520 C) Minority Owner of Orlando Magic Basketball Team


Martha Leedy (1101) 1st woman President of Leedy Reunion (1923)


Robert Leedy (6729 A) Professional Wrestler, used the name, “Sky-Hi Lee”. Reported to be 6’9”, 290 lbs.


Roy Leedy (1353) Leedy Family Historian 1911-1961


Roy Leedy (9752) Finished 14th in the 2013 CrossFit World Championship in California


Samuel Leedy (222) formed the “Leedyite” Church after being “disfellowshipped” over the issue of feet washing.


The Leedy Trio, a Dutch “light music” group in the late 1940’s composed of Bert Bibaz, Ger Faber and John Moring


Ulysses Grant Leedy (1307) founder of Leedy Drum Company


Val “Doggface” Leedy ( ) Mixed Martial Arts Fighter


George Lucas (8539) writer and director of movie “Star Wars”


Loduska Wirick (2551) missionary in Japan, know as the “Nightingale of the Orient” Honored by the Emperor of Japan


Myron Yates (4186) animation artist for Walt Disney Studios





Leedey, Oklahoma  (Amos Leedy 1090, was first Post Master)


Leedy, Mississippi (William Bibb Leedy 539, was influential in naming town)


Leedy, Montana (Schuyler Colfax Leedy 1280, was first Post Master)


Leederville Hotel, Leederville, Washington, know to locals as “The Leedy”


Leedy Art Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri


Leedy Cemetery, Andrews, Huntington County, Indiana


Leedy Cemetery, Lagro Township, Indiana


Leedy Cemetery, Dewey County, Oklahoma


Leedy Drive, Lander, Wyoming


Leedy Drive, Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada


Leedy-Ellis Scholarship, Univ. of Maryland-Baltimore County


Leedy Estates, Manvel, Brazoria County, Texas


Leedy Field, located on Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois


Leedy Grange Hall, Portland, Oregon, near the Cedar Mill community


Leedy Lane, Andrews, Indiana


Leedy Professor of Law, Univ. of Misouri-Columbia


Leedy Reunion, began in 1896 in Ankeneytown, Ohio, has been held on the second Saturday in August ever since


Leedy Road, Topeka, Kansas


Leedy Store, Fifth Ave., Moline, Illinois


Leedy Theater, Lebanon Valley College, Annville, Pennsylvania


Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Kansas City, Missouri


Leedy Way, street in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania







Leedy’s Roseroot (Sedum integrifolium ssp. leedyi) a cliffside wildflower found in several counties in Minnesota and New York

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